Associated Students of Pomona College

ONT 106 PZ-01 — Qualitative Methods

Phillips, Susan, Peterson, Tessa Hicks — credit: 1.0

departments: Environmental Analysis, Intl/Intercultural Stds, Ontario Program, Organizational Studies, Sociology

Letter Grade

Must be taken in conjunction
with ONT 101 & 104
Instructor permission required

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Registration for Unrestricted: Closed

Constructs the bridge between academia and
activism through practice-based research. The course incorporates the study of
diverse aspects of qualitative inquiry and culminates in the execution of a complete
applied research project. We explore the role, responsibilities and ethics of an
applied researcher, reviewing various types of inquiry that fall under the umbrella
of qualitative research (i.e., ethnography, participatory action, narrative inquiry,
participant-observation, applied research). Students directly impact not only their
own intellectual knowledge base, but crucial social issues in the world around them.
Studentsleave the course with a strong foundation to carry out systematic research
using focus groups, ethnography and person-centered interviews.


  • PZW — 1:30 p.m.–4 p.m. — Ontario House, Room HOUS