Associated Students of Pomona College

SOC 190 PO-01 — Senior Seminar

Beck, Colin J. — credit: 1.0

department: Sociology

Letter Grade (Grading Not Allowed: Pass/No Credit)

Course has prerequisites.
Letter grade only.

An advanced seminar on a selected topic in sociology. Students write a critical synthesis of sociological research on a topic of their choice after reading recent monographs and articles on the seminar theme. Required of all sociology seniors except Sociology/PPA and Sociology/Gender and Women's Studies majors. Prerequisites: SOC 102 PO, SOC 104 PO, SOC 154 PO and SOC 157 PO. Letter grade only.


  • POM — 1:15 p.m.–4 p.m. — Hahn Social Science Bldg, Room 214