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RLST139 PO — Benjamin, Levinas, Derrida


Eisenstadt, Oona




Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies

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Letter Grade

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Benjamin, Blanchot, Levinas, Derrida: Contemporary Continental Jewish Philosophy. Benjamin, Blanchot, Levinas, and Derrida all object to the totalizing nature of the philosophy of history which, as they see it, has dominated moern thought. Each criticizes or replaces it with a philosophy of language – translation, writing, dialogue – in which theorizing arises from the relation of same and other. We examine their ideas about history and language and look at their literary styles as expressions of their philosophies; in addition we read some illustrative literature. (PRT, CWS)


This section taught by Eisenstadt, Oona isn't being offered during the FA 2018 term.

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