Associated Students of Pomona College

ASPC Staff and Committee Applications Available!

Do you have a problem with something about Pomona and want to play a part in creating a constructive solution? Apply to be a part of ASPC 2016-17! Be heard. Submit an application at by Friday, 4.22.16, at 5pm.

Paid Staff Positions: Developer for Digital Media and Programming Group (DMP), Director of Public Relations, Presidential Aide, Senate Aide

Faculty and Admin Committees: Academic Procedures, Admissions and Financial Aid, Analyzing Difference, Critical Thinking and Writing, Curriculum, Faculty Position Advisory, President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity, Study Abroad

Student-Chaired Committees: Academic Affairs, Campus Sports, College-Town, Coop, Environmental Quality, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, Senior Class, Food, Reserves Investment Oversight, Residence Hall, Student Clubs and Organizations, Student-Faculty Interaction, Student Media, Presidential Search Student Advisory Group