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Associated Students of Pomona College


The ASPC is the student body association of Pomona College. The ASPC Senate provides for reasonable and effective student participation in the governance of the College and serves as the representative voice of Pomona College students both on and off campus.

  1. Positions

    Who's who on the ASPC Senate

  2. Senators

    List of currently active senators

  3. Policies

    The following are the policies and bylaws of the Associated Students of Pomona College.

  4. Meetings and Minutes

    The meeting times and minutes of the ASPC Senate.

  5. Pomona Events Committee

    Pomona Events Committee puts on a laundry list of on- and off-campus entertainment every year for students of Pomona College and the greater Claremont Consortium.

  6. Software Development Group

    Information about ASPC's Digital Media and Programming group and how to join it

  7. Budget

    A breakdown of the ASPC's operating budget

  8. Funding Requests

    Information on requesting funding from ASPC, PEC, or the Alcohol Fund.

  9. Senate Document Archive

    Documents and reports produced by the student government and various Pomona College committees are archived here for posterity.

  10. Student-Chaired Committee Members

  11. Faculty and Alumni Committee Members