Associated Students of Pomona College


  1. Olivia Dure, Executive Vice President

    Religious studies major and waffle-lover from Birmingham, AL. Goals this year include making Office of Financial Aid more accountable and responsive to students, working to create more student-controlled places on campus, and empower clubs and organizations to manage their money and foster inclusive spaces.

  2. Sophia Sun, Vice President of Academic Affairs

    I'm Sophia, a junior Cognitive Science major from Cupertino, CA. I interact with faculty, staff, and students on matters of academic procedures, curriculum, and classroom climate to help administration implement thoughtful changes by considering the needs of various communities present in the Pomona College student body. Your experience at Pomona is largely dictated by your experiences surrounding academics, and I strive to be responsive and communicative to ensure that Pomona's academic policies can best support each of its inquisitive and passionate students, regardless of the specific obstacles that they may face.

  3. Aldair Arriola, Vice President of Campus Events

    Hi, my name is Aldair Arriola-Gomez, my pronouns are he/him/his and I am an undocumented, Latinx, gay, low-income and first-gen student. Home for me is Veracruz, Mexico, the suburbs of Chicago, and the panhandle of Florida. I'm majoring in International Relations with a double minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies. I am so excited to be the incoming VP of Campus Activities and I'm even more excited to oversee the events for this upcoming year. I want to ensure that our events are diverse and that they appeal to ALL students. I'm ecstatic to work with my committee members in order to ensure that our events run smoothly. If you have any suggestions for events please feel free to reach out to me.

  4. Carlos Hernandez, North Campus Representative

  5. Justina Wu, South Campus Representative

  6. Kim Rojas, Senior Class President

    I am a senior from Park City, IL. I'm studying Sociology and Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies. My goals for this school year are to host events that are relevant, fun, safe, and inclusive to the intersectional identities of our student body.

  7. Liam Reese, Junior Class President

    Hey! My name is Liam. I’m a proud Portlander, I like turtles, and have a strange but persistent obsession with fonts. I study Physics and Economics here and hope to make a difference for the world through either industry or policy. This year, I plan on being a vocal advocate for the things juniors care about: academic and residential policies, food, and alumni / career services. If you want to have your voice heard, give me a call or drop by Lawry A2!

  8. Holly Scrugham, Sophomore Class President

  9. Zemia Edmondson, First Year Class President

  10. Esther Cheung, Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations

    I am entering my fourth year at Pomona College as a Sociology major and Asian-American Studies minor. In addition to my position with ASPC, I am also involved with Pomona College’s Asian American Resource Center and with a community engagement program, The Weekly Writing Workshop. I am excited to help coordinate the clubs and organizations funded by ASPC through my position on the budget committee as well as through pushing to institute a sensitivity training for leaders of ASPC-funded clubs.

  11. Kit Lee, Commissioner of Community Relations

  12. Emily Coffin, Commissioner of External Affairs

  13. Nia McAllister, Commissioner of Environmental Affairs

    I'm a senior Environmental Analysis major from Redwood City, CA. As a member of senate this year I aim to make inclusivity a priority in our environmental dialogues as well as in the physical spaces on our campus. My goals are to diversify voices and subjects of our environmental conversations, continue food and water conscious actions,and establish a more unified network of students, faculty, and staff across the 5Cs engaging with social and environmental justice topics.

  14. Sophie Janssen, Commissioner of Sports

    I'm a second year from Maui, HI. I am a potential Environmental Analysis/History/PPA Major. As the commissioner of sports, I aim to improve the experience for students athletes at Pomona through discussions with the athletic department and administration. I also want to boost school spirit and community engagement efforts between collegiate sports and the surrounding youth.

  15. Sophia Fang, Director of Public Relations

  16. Samantha Borje, Director of Disability and Mental Health Advocacy

  17. Meredith Simpson, Chief of Staff

    Hi! I’m a second year computer science major originally from North Carolina but now living in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This year, I hope to support ASPC in advocating for tangible reforms that address the needs of our diverse student body, making student government more accessible to minority groups, and increasing communication among 5C student government bodies. I look forward to assisting with a variety of short term and long term projects that will result in positive changes for the Pomona community. In my spare time, I enjoy doing CrossFit, reading, cooking Paleo dishes, and enjoying nature.

  18. Jonathan Lee, Senate Aide

    I'm Jonathan Lee, a junior at Pomona, majoring in Public Policy Analysis with an Economics concentration. This year I will be serving the ASPC as one of the senate aides. I look forward to being part of an incredible team to help the ASPC be the best that it can be.

  19. Tania Gray, Senate Aide

    Hi! My name is Tania and I’m a 2nd year from Bermuda. I’m planning to major in Latin American Studies (with a track in Politics and International Relations) and Legal Studies. I’m really excited to be serving you as Senate Aide this year, and am looking forward to assisting all of the senators with short and long term projects. I can’t wait to be a part of some real change here on campus!

  20. Miguel Delgado, Senate Secretary

  21. Saad Nadeem, At-Large Student on the Trustee Finance Committee

  22. Michelle Chan, At-Large Student on the Trustee EQC Committee

  23. Magdalene Lemons, At-Large Student on the Trustee Advancement Committee

  24. Carly Grimes, At-Large Student on the Trustee Student Affairs Committee

    My name is Carly and I am a Junior from Florida double majoring in Cognitive Science and Politics. I am an active member of Pomona's Quest Scholars chapter and am looking forward to continuing to advocate for the needs of low-income and first-generation students on campus through ASPC. This year I will use my position as a student member of the Trustee Student Affairs Committee to provide all students with more opportunities to interact with the trustees and learn about their responsibilities.

  25. Yerika Reyes, Presidential Search Committee Representative

  26. Matt Dahl, Lead Software Engineer (Lead SWE)

  27. Dima Smirnov, Software Engineer (SWE)

  28. Ziqi Xiong, Software Engineer (SWE)

    I am a Computer Science major from Dalian, China. My goals are to develop useful web applications for the student body and help with the maintenance of ASPC server.

  29. Kent Shikama, Software Engineer (SWE)

    Hi all! I’m a CS major from Tokyo, Japan. I love coding, specifically on open source and libre software, and I enjoy doing anything creative in general. I plan on continuing to expand the new course scheduler app, the menu app, and the API with the rest of the digital media team.

  30. Miguel Delgado, Elections Commissioner

  31. Ellie Ash-Bala, Advisor

    Ellie Ash-Balá has been at the Smith Campus Center since 2007. A graduate of Claremont McKenna College (‘99), Ellie has always loved the 5Cs and was thrilled at the opportunity to return to Claremont. She has her B.A. in Music/Religious Studies and earned her Master’s degree in Theology from Fuller Seminary. At Pomona, Ellie’s role is to educate and support students in their co-curricular experience. She provides oversight and training for the Claremont Colleges ~200 student-run organizations. In addition, she specifically advises the ASPC Senate and the Pomona Events Committee. Additionally, Ellie coordinates TAAP, Pomona's alcohol education and bystander intervention program, and the 4/7 Leadership program.

    As a Southern California resident for over 20 years, Ellie loves planning the “47 Things” trips that send students off-campus every semester to exciting destinations around Los Angeles and beyond (especially Dodger Stadium). Ellie lives in Claremont with her wife, Missy, and their dog, Dexter. You might spot them walking Dexter around campus…if you do, please say hi!

  32. Christopher Waugh, Advisor

    Chris Waugh has been an educator for over 20 years, serving campus communities in both large and small settings. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Illinois University, where he continued, earning a Master of Arts degree in Counseling. He then attended Loyola University Chicago, earning his doctorate degree in Higher Education Administration. He has taught at both Northern Illinois University and Loyola University Chicago.

    In his role at Pomona, Chris supports the Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students as well as provides day-to-day leadership and support for the Smith Campus Center and related offices, including the Outdoor Education Center, Bridges Auditorium, and 88.7fm/KSPC, the radio station supported by the Claremont Colleges and the surrounding community.

    Chris' primary research interest is bystander engagement of undergraduate men involved in dangerous drinking situations. He recently completed his dissertation on this topic with plans to build upon this baseline research through ongoing alcohol education and program development. Chris is also interested in leveraging social media to build community and guiding student use of technology and social media to make personal and professional connections inside and outside the classroom. Chris lives in Claremont with his partner, Kristina, and their son Simon.

  33. Gloria Liou, Software Engineer (SWE)

  34. Sophia Richards, Software Engineer (SWE)

  35. Chris Gao, Software Engineer (SWE)

  36. Justin Lee, Software Engineer (SWE)

  37. Bradley Bain, Software Engineer (SWE)