Associated Students of Pomona College


  1. Maria Jose Vides, President

    Maria is a senior majoring in Public Policy Analysis, with an Anthropology concentration, and considering a career in medicine. She was born in El Salvador, but grew up in La Puente, CA. As ASPC President, she oversees general ASPC related operations, connects to a number of administrator about different issues on campus, and helps to facilitate projects, as well as create them.

  2. Carlos Hernandez, Executive Vice President

    Carlos is a senior, chemistry major from Ventura, CA. As EVP, he oversees all financial operations of ASPC, ranging from club and event funding to the Coop Fountain and Coop Store. This year, he hopes to bring institutional memory to the executive board, given his previous role as Sophomore Rep and North Campus Rep.

  3. Andy Pelos, Vice President of Campus Events

    Andy is a junior studying Molecular Biology and Gender & Women's Studies from Oakland, CA. As VP of Campus Events, he manages the Pomona Events Committee (PEC) in planning a variety of programming for Pomona students both on and off campus. This year, he’s focused on revitalizing community spaces and creating effective communication between PEC and the student body to ensure inclusive programming for all students.

  4. Meredith Simpson, Vice President of Academic Affairs

    Meredith is a Junior Computer Science major from Rancho Cucamonga. As Vice President of Academic Affairs she provides a student voice in discussions regarding academic policy at Pomona. Meredith sits on the Faculty Position Advisory Committee, Curriculum Committee, and Academic Procedures Committee. This year she hopes to educate the student body regarding the governance process at Pomona so they can be active participants in decision making.

  5. Zemia Edmonson, North Campus Representative

    Zemia is a sophomore who hails from West Palm Beach, Florida and is majoring in History. This is her second year on ASPC, last year having served as First-Year Representative, where she led an initiative for free menstrual products available on campus. This year, Zemia hopes to expand on this initiative and aims to expand the resources available to students, especially marginalized ones, and work to better the experiences of those whose narratives are often forgotten. Besides ASPC, she enjoys writing, dancing, and eating and works at the Women's Union. If at any time you'd like to reach out, don't hesitate to email or stop her in passing. And, as always, chirp chirp!

  6. Hans Zhou, South Campus Representative

    Hans (he/him/his) is a second-year from Hangzhou, China and planning to study Environmental Analysis and/or Classics. Aside from serving on ASPC senate, he is a Sponsor in Lyon 2 West and a member of the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company. As this year’s South Campus Representative, he plans to advocate for students and make Pomona a more inclusive place by improving disability & mental health support, incorporating student input in the RHS process, bringing in food justice & awareness programs into the dining halls, etc.

  7. Sophia Sun, Senior Class President

    Sophia is a Cognitive Science major from the Bay Area. Last year, she served as the ASPC VP for Academic Affairs. This year, she is primarily working on two major projects. A “Gift-Giving Guide” for Seniors will include an updated list of clubs/orgs AND an explanation about how the club/org plans to use the funds they receive. Additionally, the Alumni Board and I are excited to announce an initiative for which alumni will match up to 4.7x what seniors donate!

  8. Alejandro Guerrero, Junior Class President

    Alejandro is a junior from Charlotte, NC majoring in Anthropology and Pre-Health. As Junior Class President, he collaborates with the 5C junior representatives to host social events and I work alongside Senior Class President to find innovative ways to connect the junior and senior year experience and foster community. Through his role as junior class president, he is primarily working on CDO Employer Relationships and Junior-Senior Community Relations.

  9. Lemuel Lan, Sophomore Class President

    Lem uses pronouns he/him/his or they/them/theirs; and is a second-year, originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Lem is considering a major in Linguistics with a minor in Computer Science. This year he hopes to support the Sophomore class and host a number of events including a Puppy Day and Sophomore Re-Orientation.

  10. Pie Kachru, First Year Class President

    Pie is a first-year from the Chicagoland area with a tentative major in Public Policy Analysis: Economics. As First Year President she hopes to facilitate the transition of incoming first years as smoothly as possible, and to act as a transparent voice of the wants of the first year class. Other goals are to Institute a textbook relief policy for students on financial aid, create monthly “town hall” meetings between the people and some of the Senate, and to push for students that living in non-air conditioning dorms to have their own portable AC units in their rooms.

  11. Jonelle Gonzalez, Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations

    Jonelle is a Posse scholar from the southside of Chicago. She is majoring in Politics and minoring in Chicanx/Latinx Studies. This is her first year on Senate, but she has been involved with many different organizations and clubs on campus. Her goal is to make clubs and orgs a memorable part of the Pomona experience for each student. She is a die hard White Sox and Chivas fan, you can always talk to her about sports and her love for anything strawberry. Feel free to email her with any questions, ideas, and proposals.

  12. Teofanny Saragi, Commissioner of Community Relations

    Teofanny (Teo) is senior from the Inland Empire in SoCal majoring in Asian American Studies and Sociology/PPA. They sit on the President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity (PACD) and will prioritize mentor groups, President Starr & admin, workshops, skill-sharing, and transparency. Teo plans to build community power, collective memory/community listening podcasts, and demystify power structures at Pomona.

  13. Laurel Hilliker, Commissioner of External Affairs

    Laurel is a senior from Pittsburgh, PA, majoring in Asian Studies and History. As the Commissioner of External Affairs, she works on issues related to the 5C community at large, supports off-campus students, and works to engage the surrounding community. Some of her goals for the year are to work with organizations in the surrounding area to increase student participation and strengthen our connection to off-campus communities. She also hopes to support Draper Center programs through advocacy, and serves as the student representative on an external committee reviewing mental health support services and student health services at the 5C’s.

  14. Chloe An, Commissioner of Environmental Affairs

    Chloe is a senior from St. Louis, Missouri; majoring in Environmental Analysis & minoring in Computer Science; also a Birkenstock enthusiast. Chloe represents the student voice on sustainability & environmental issues; and works with the other 5C environmental representatives.

  15. Vicky-Marie Addo-Ashong, Commissioner of Sports

    Vicky is a sophomore from Falls Church, VA in the DC area. She is an intended PPA: Politics major and Math minor. As the Commissioner of Sports this year, she hopes to integrate athletics into a larger, more positive part of the student experience here as we build a stronger Pomona College community. She also wants to encourage school spirit and pride in all student endeavors, including athletics amongst the student body as we represent Pomona in all that we do.

  16. Rowan Rumley-Wells, Director of Disability and Mental Health Advocacy

    Rowan is a third year Pomona student. His interest in the position comes from personal experience with mental illness on campus and he is thrilled to use his experiences to benefit the students of Pomona. Please reach out if you have any questions about mental health and disability!

  17. Miguel Delgado, Chief of Staff

    Miguel is a current sophomore from Burbank, CA and a prospective PPA:Econ major. As Chief of Staff, Miguel oversees ASPC staff projects and assists the ASPC President in coordinating and executing goals for the year. He is also a sponsor in Harwood 2 West, a member of the PEC Annual Events committee, Faculty Position Advisory Committee (FPAC), and pop-tart enthusiast.

  18. Evan Chuu, Senate Aide

    Evan is one of the Senate Aides on Senate Staff this year. He is a second-year student from Arcadia, California and is likely going to be majoring in Linguistics. He also participates in the Pomona College Orchestra and Claremont Christian Fellowship. On Senate, he hopes to help the ASPC senators in various ways this year and make an impact through his work on staff!

  19. Amanda Mutai, Senate Aide

    Amanda Mutai is a Kenyan-American from Silver Spring, Maryland. As a second year at Pomona College, she aspires to double major in History and Media Studies. Amanda currently works as Elections Commissioner and as a Senate Aide for ASPC. She is also a Student Coordinator for Rooftop Garden and is enthusiastic about working with high school students. In her spare time, Amanda loves watching movies, especially foreign films, as well as sketching/painting.

  20. Daniel Park, Senate Secretary

    Daniel is currently serving as the Senate Secretary. He is a second-year transfer student who lives in Ohio and feels refreshed every time he lands at LAX. He is clueless for his major. Apart from ASPC, Daniel cuts hair at the Claremont Colleges, enjoys music, flavorful food, and visual arts. He hopes to utilize his platforms to better support and care for his friends, family, and communities.

  21. Tanvi Rajgaria, At-Large Student on the Trustee Finance Committee

    Tanvi’s purview is college tuition, post-bac positions, grant allotments, new projects, and this year: review of financial investments and debts of the college.

  22. Soleil Ball Van Zee, At-Large Student on the Trustee EQC Committee

    Soleil is a third year at Pomona, from New York. She is a Politics and Art History double major, the Appeals Chair of the Judiciary Council, works as a student coordinator for the Draper Center, volunteers as a head baker for Challah for Hunger, and leads tours for the Admissions Office. She is always down to grab a meal, so feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

  23. Carly Grimes, At-Large Student on the Trustee Student Affairs Committee

    Carly attends Board of Trustee meetings and provides student input in discussions about mental health services, campus climate, etc. She also plays a significant role in planning the Student-Trustee retreats and meets with trustees individually to discuss their concerns about or ideas for our campus. Lastly, she takes on various Senate projects not directly related to the Trustees such as planning a joint screening last semester of “The Hunting Ground” with ASPC and The Alumni Board.

  24. Amanda Mutai, Elections Commissioner

    Amanda Mutai is a Kenyan-American from Silver Spring, Maryland. As a second year at Pomona College, she aspires to double major in History and Media Studies. Amanda currently works as Elections Commissioner and as a Senate Aide for ASPC. She is also a Student Coordinator for Rooftop Garden and is enthusiastic about working with high school students. In her spare time, Amanda loves watching movies, especially foreign films, as well as sketching/painting.

  25. Ellie Ash-Bala, Advisor

    Ellie Ash-Balá has been at the Smith Campus Center since 2007. A graduate of Claremont McKenna College (‘99), Ellie has always loved the 5Cs and was thrilled at the opportunity to return to Claremont. She has her B.A. in Music/Religious Studies and earned her Master’s degree in Theology from Fuller Seminary. At Pomona, Ellie’s role is to educate and support students in their co-curricular experience. She provides oversight and training for the Claremont Colleges ~200 student-run organizations. In addition, she specifically advises the ASPC Senate and the Pomona Events Committee. Additionally, Ellie coordinates TAAP, Pomona's alcohol education and bystander intervention program, and the 4/7 Leadership program.

    As a Southern California resident for over 20 years, Ellie loves planning the “47 Things” trips that send students off-campus every semester to exciting destinations around Los Angeles and beyond (especially Dodger Stadium). Ellie lives in Claremont with her wife, Missy, and their dog, Dexter. You might spot them walking Dexter around campus…if you do, please say hi!

  26. Christopher Waugh, Advisor

    Chris Waugh has been an educator for over 20 years, serving campus communities in both large and small settings. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Illinois University, where he continued, earning a Master of Arts degree in Counseling. He then attended Loyola University Chicago, earning his doctorate degree in Higher Education Administration. He has taught at both Northern Illinois University and Loyola University Chicago.

    In his role at Pomona, Chris supports the Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students as well as provides day-to-day leadership and support for the Smith Campus Center and related offices, including the Outdoor Education Center, Bridges Auditorium, and 88.7fm/KSPC, the radio station supported by the Claremont Colleges and the surrounding community.

    Chris' primary research interest is bystander engagement of undergraduate men involved in dangerous drinking situations. He recently completed his dissertation on this topic with plans to build upon this baseline research through ongoing alcohol education and program development. Chris is also interested in leveraging social media to build community and guiding student use of technology and social media to make personal and professional connections inside and outside the classroom. Chris lives in Claremont with his partner, Kristina, and their son Simon.

  27. Gloria Liou, Software Engineer (SWE)

    Gloria is a senior majoring in computer science and cognitive science. She is a Bay Area native and will happily debate with anyone who doesn't think California is the best state. Outside of ASPC, Gloria helps organize the 5C Hackathon, leads Pomona College ACM-W, mentors for the CS department, and plays and teaches violin. She enjoys sushi, KBBQ, acai bowls, puppies, and long walks on the beach.

  28. Sophia Richards, Software Engineer (SWE)

    Sophie is a sophomore, and a member of ASPC's software development team. Giraffes are her ultimate favorite animal, and she enjoys watching New Girl, going skiing, and loves anything with chocolate.

  29. Chris Gao, Software Engineer (SWE)

    Chris is a CS major senior at Pomona and the lead developer for ASPC. He is enthusiastic about programming and doing my his best to improve the ASPC website. In his free time, he loves to play video games and work out. If you have any suggestion for the website, don't hesitate to let him know!

  30. Justin Lee, Software Engineer (SWE)

    Justin is a junior from the Bay Area majoring in Cognitive Science and Computer Science. As a member of the Software Development team in ASPC, he hopes to bring useful and easily accessible resources to the student body. Outside ASPC, he helps coordinate the 5C Hackathon, plays violin in multiple chamber music groups in the music department, and most importantly, has been a Golden State Warriors fan since birth.

  31. Bradley Bain, Software Engineer (SWE)

    Brad has been involved in the tech industry since he was a high-schooler. Brad has worked for companies ranging from startups like Dialexa to corporate behemoths like Sabre, and published his own personal projects online and on the App Store. He is a student at Pomona College who believes the human side of tech is just as important as the science behind it, Brad is a people person first, developer and designer second.