Associated Students of Pomona College


The revenue for ASPC comes from student fees, our Amazon Associates program, fax income, vending machine income, and transfer from reserves.

Our 2017-2018 operating budget is $516,500. Click here to view the budget.

Please note that this information does not show any additional income available to each organization. ASPC cannot publish budget allocations from any of the other Claremont Colleges.

2017-18 ASPC Budget Distribution

5C Student-run Organizations

ASPC awards funding to student organizations during the annual budget hearings. Allocations are made based on various factors, including the level of funds requested, Pomona student participation, and alternative incomes available to the club or organization.

Pomona-Only Student-run Organizations

Some examples of Pomona-only organizations funded by ASPC are The Draper Center, the Women’s Union, Green Bikes, Mock Trial and MUN, as well as various affinity/mentor groups.

Funds and Services

ASPC provides various funds and services to benefit the students, including the New York Times subscription, the alcohol and security funds, and Senate grants. New ride subsidization programs were also allocated funds from the ASPC budget.

Pomona Events Committee (PEC)

PEC’s budget for on-campus events and off-campus trips are also covered by ASPC.

ASPC Senate

The ASPC budget also covers the stipends and budgets for Senators and committees (ranging from $100-$1,200), as well as the ASPC Software Development Group budget.

Administration Expenses

This includes staff wages, equipment rental, and miscellaneous fees in the ASPC office.


Organizations may also apply for additional funding from ASPC’s unallocated budget throughout the school year.

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