Associated Students of Pomona College

Digital Media and Programming Group

What we do

Colleges produce tons of data. So much, in fact, that there are companies that charge tens of thousands of dollars for software that helps college administrators make sense of it all.

That's great, but we're students, not administrators! We need different things out of these systems (and we definitely don't have tens of thousands of dollars). The ASPC Digital Media and Programming Group collects the information resources of the college and put them to work for you, the student.

We use industry-standard tools such as HTML5, CSS3, Python, Django, and jQuery to develop services for the student body, the Senate, student organizations, and ASPC Retail and Food Services.

For example, in the last year we have launched:

  • a new design for ASPC's main web presence, with a new CMS to back it up
  • a database of all the rooms on campus with reviews
  • a new secure provisioning system for club and student organization websites
  • a redesigned version of the Our Pomona course schedule builder for the 5C catalog
  • SageBooks, a way for Pomona students to sell their old textbooks and buy used ones from their fellow students
  • a searchable list of local businesses with student discounts
  • a totally redesigned Coop Store website built around Shopify

Why you should join us

We build things we want to use. Every time you've wished something were available online or easier to find, that's something we can improve.

We do things the way 'real' web developers do. Skills honed here will be useful to you whether you end up at a web startup or as a professor that wants to post their course materials online.

How you can apply

Check out our code on GitHub and see if it strikes your fancy. Then contact and tell us about your experience with web technologies and programming in general. If you don't have any experience with web technologies, you can still help. (We need designers, backend programmers, editors, and social media people as well!)