Associated Students of Pomona College

Senate Minutes

The ASPC Senate meets weekly during the year to conduct the business of student government and meet with the administration. These meetings are open to the public (with the exception of certain meetings covering sensitive legal or budget issues), and covered by The Student Life.

For the 2014-15 academic year, meetings are being held every Friday at 4pm in Smith Campus Center room #217 (above the Coop Fountain).

Minutes for recent meetings:

  1. 4/7 Day, Presentation to Board of Trustees Student Affairs Committee, Hunting Ground updates, presidential transition, Budget Requests, Confirm ASPC Rep to President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability
  2. Chat w/ Dean of the :Library Kevin Mulroy, Public Relations strategy, Alumni Board Lunch, Executive Committee Task Force, ASPC Restructuring
  3. Alumni Board Lunch, Disability and Mental Health Advocacy Retreat, Lunch Forums update, Board of Trustees meeting debrief, ASPC restructuring
  4. ASPC Internal improvements, Approve TSL Editor-In-Chief, Vote on President's stipend, Confirm Public Relations Director
  5. Election Code Revisions, Mission Statement revisions, Board of Trustees Strategy update, ADA FAQ sheet
  6. Chat with VP Advancement Pam Bresnard , ASCC Constitution Revision, Admissions and Financial Aid Updates, Senate Grants Pilot Program
  7. Chat with VP Admissions and FA Seth Allen, Discuss spaces for Disabled and Neurodivergent Students, response to 2016 election
  8. Draper Van Updates, discuss showing The Hunting Ground, Bi-Weekly ASPC forum, Senate Grants Pilot Program
  9. Chat w/ VP and Treasurer Karen Sisson, Vote on ASPC President's stipend, Discussion on Funding Open/ Closed Spaces
  10. Chat w/ Dean Feldblum and VP of Communications Marylou Ferry, Chat w/ CIO William Morse, Discussion on Funding Open/ Closed Spaces
  11. MHAA Survey Results, Chat w/ Dean Audrey Bilger, DMHA Updates, Quarterly Check Ins, Recommendations to Chaplain's Advisory Board
  12. Toga Party Recap, Report from SAC, Social Spaces Discussion, Revising the Pomona College Mission Statement, Sophomore Class Appointments, Draper Van Funding
  13. ASPC SENATE MEETING 9/21/16: Hive Collaborations, Chat with Dean Miriam Feldblum, Fall Elections Report, Walker Wall Paint Procedure, Draper Van Funding
  14. ASPC SENATE MEETING 9/16/16 Walker Wall Paint, Chat with President Oxtoby, PEC Budget Allocation
  15. ASPC SENATE MEETING 9/9/16 ASCC and 5C Updates, SCC Living Room, Preparation for Chat with Oxtoby, Student-Trustee Retreat
  16. Election Code revisions, Mission statement updates, Confirm Meredith as ASCC Liaison, Questions for Dean of the Library , BOT Strategy Update and Brainstorming
  17. ASPC SENATE MEETING 9/2/16 Budget Allocation for "Hilary for America Organization", Elections Code Updates, Gloria Liou for Product Manager, Senior Class Committee Appointments, Confirm RA Rep. on SDSAC
  18. Stipend for Elections Commissioner Candidates, discussion on process to appoint candidates
  19. Alcohol Policy revisions and reactions, along with Budget approvals.
  20. Changes to Bylaws, Meeting with Trustees, and Oxtoby Leaving
  21. Dean of the College and Associate Dean talk about diversity amongst faculty, creating a 5C Senate
  22. Dean Jan talks about Mental Health, improvements to Coop Fountain
  23. Social Media, Title IX Advisory Committee
  24. Student Alumni Engagement Initiative, ASPC newsletter
  25. In the first meeting of the semester, the Student-Alumni Engagement Resolution is brought forward to encourage further interaction between students and alumni.
  26. Banning Sabra Hummus, Plant Sale
  27. Pie for Cancer, 7C Bill of Rights, Walker Wall, Diversity Workshops
  28. In this meeting we discussed the 5C/1C Clubs Policy, NY Times, Thinking and Writing Committee resolution, and had a Title IX Working Group Presentation.
  29. Campus Safety and Brutality, Demonstration Policy Resolution Revisions and Discussion, No more Midweek parties
  30. Demonstration Presentation Policy, Demonstration Policy Council
  31. New Sustainability Director, CMC and Mudd Goes Mad Follow-Up
  32. Mental Health Working Group, Language Requirements and Helping International Students
  33. Inclusivity in Clubs, 5C Mental Health
  34. Sustainability Survey, Retreat, Social Media Campaign, Meeting with 5C Presidents
  35. Senate discusses ASPC's New York Times subscription, worker-administration relations, the temporary suspension on midweek parties and alcohol policy, and next semester's Student-Trustee Retreat.
  36. Senate discusses cigarettes at the Coop Store and next semester's Student Trustee Retreat
  37. Kajung Hong is appointed elections commissioner. Studio47 asks for money for new equipment.
  38. The discussion about security funding and TIXC continues. Concerns about disability accommodations and the administrations ability to deal with student concerns and needs regarding disability are raised.
  39. The GE review is considering a new diversity requirement. We reconsider Coop store dicisons to sell cigarettes and not sell water bottles, but ultimately decide not to change anything. Title IX Coalition's funding issue comes before senate.
  40. The group discuss grade inflation, a topic that Tanvi notes is of increasing concern among the faculty.
  41. The GE Review is about to release an initial report, the findings of which Emily presents. Pomona VINO has presented policy changes to SAC that would allow them to hold their wine tastings midweek.
  42. An uninvited guest asks for funding; we are unable to help. A student who was on the agenda talks bike security. An update from Social Life Council considers asking for an exception to the temporary ban on midweek parties for Pomona Vino. Dean Feldblum visits to talk about the Sexual Assault Resource Center and ask for student input.
  43. The language change to gender-inclusive bathrooms is discussed and supported. A budget motion from TEDxClaremont is approved with the stipulation that some of the money goes toward subsidizing Pomona students' tickets.
  44. A new campus safety app, LiveSafe, is introduced. The bylaws concerning the Student Media Committee are updated.
  45. Check-ins with Aldair and Nico
  46. Senator check-ins. The possibility of more sustainable table tents is raised. Whether Senate should make some sort of statement or action on Ferguson is brought up.
  47. Various committee check-ins
  48. Check-ins with Emily and Alex. Small NAIS department update.
  49. Various committee check-ins. Updates from the Student Life Council.
  50. Dean Townes presents about the surveillance cameras on campus which will be turned on shortly. Sean Gunther PO'18 presents an idea about cell phone free spaces to the senate.
  51. The possibility Native American & Indigenous Studies department is discussed. The elections code is updated so that elections now begin immediately after the candidates' forum and end two days later at 12:47pm.
  52. Debrief of the Student Trustee Retreat. Updates on Harwood Halloween, Social Life Council, and proposed changes to the elections code.
  53. The language in the Elections Code banning political parties/groups is removed. Social Life Council and the plant sale are discussed.
  54. Elections debrief with Elections Commissioner Beshouy Botros.
  55. The topic of potential overlap between the newly created Social Life Council and the Sexual Violence Task Force created last semester is covered. The senators discuss whether to buy hats for the Coop Fountain employees.
  56. The Digital Media Group visits senate. The new alcohol policy banning alcohol at midweek parties is discussed at great length.
  57. Senators discussed the new budget and the proposed changes for the elections code.
  58. Senators discussed increasing off campus transportation for student organizations.
  59. The Coop Fountain made a presentation, senators approved 3 separate motions and discussed ASPC elections, and Dean Feldblum came in to talk about the Board of Trustees.
  60. Dean Townes and Dean Feldblum came in to answer questions concerning the security cameras, Tasha and Jenn presented a proposal for eliminating plastic water bottles, and senators discussed Pomona Promise Day as well as a new resolution taking action to prevent sexual violence on campus.
  61. Senators planned 4/7 day and discussed goals to achieve in the last 50+ days of the semester, and Dean Jan came in to talk about the Mental Health Working Group.
  62. The Budget committee discussed the organizational review, and Bob Robinson & Margie Mckenna of campus services came in to discuss improving Pomona's dining halls.
  63. Senators discussed upcoming elections, new security cameras, and the new wellness machine.
  64. Senators discussed elections, and Dean Townes came in to talk about additional security cameras on campus.
  65. Adrianna from QRC came into talk about gender identity, and a representative from the Presidential Youth Council gave a pitch to the senators about its program.
  66. Harwood Halloween recap and potential redesign, fundraiser for typhoon in the Philippines, weekly parties at Pomona, the need for more security funds.
  67. New senator positions, north campus parking project, finance report.
  68. Look at how other 5c's run their senates, representation at Pomona, north campus parking presentation.
  69. Updates on projects: PEC, parking structure, hydration stations, Campus Safety, stipend regulations, revamp website.
  70. Election commissioner's report, north campus parking issues, reflection on last meeting's conversation with Campus Safety, sundry fund, senator stipends.
  71. Campus Safety visits Senate to talk about their role on campus, ways to communicate student need, security at events, how to create a system of accountability.
  72. Committees approved, wellness machine, security funds, north campus parking situation, water fountains on campus
  73. Tiombe Preston, Senate Tanks, Meeting time Next Semester, Funding Request, VP of Campus Activities Name Change, Spring Semester Retreat
  74. Senator Updates, Lena on Sustainability Update, Conchita Serri, Sarah asks Senate if non-issue Senate guests are a good idea, Possible future Senate meetings, Trevor wants to approve Senate minutes over email
  75. Kara Murphy from the Alumni Office, “Open Door Policy”, Bike Theft, Campus Safety Presentation, RIOC (Reserves Investment Oversight Committee) Update
  76. Plant Sale Update, OCL Update. Bike Locks Education Campaign, Mobile Charging Stations, Possible Senate Google Hangouts, Food Committee Update, Snack Survey Update, Sports Committee Update
  77. Metate Update, Craig Johnson from Advancement, Commissioner of Commutations Nominations, Public-Private spaces discussion
  78. Senate published a list of goals for the year as well as talked about a new Draper Center van extensively.
  79. Student Trustee Follow-Up, Plant Sale, Commissioner of Communication Applications, Snack Update, Re-Hiring Resolution, Election Code Change, Draper Center Van
  80. Pomona College Re-Hiring Process Discussion, Plant Sale, Senate Goals
  81. TurboVote, Snack Meeting with Administrators, Snack Town Hall Meeting, Elections Report, Committee Nominations
  82. Student-Trustee Retreat, Wheelz, Funding Requests, Snack Updates, Committee Nominations,
  83. At the last ASPC meeting of the year, the Senate approved the Budget Committee bylaw changes and heard Dean Feldblum talk about the new Board of Trustee committees.
  84. Joseph Long presented his work on the ASPC online presence and the senators discussed next year's budget.
  85. The senators discussed the College's free trade status and the proposed changes to the ASPC elections code.
  86. Dean Felbum came to talk about the change in the meal plan options and the Senators discussed the possibility of Senate-wide stipends.
  87. Career Development Office Director Mary Raymond updated the Senate on the CDO's work this year.
  88. The senators discussed the possibility of allowing credit for ROTC courses.
  89. Bob Robinson presented about the Emergency Management Plan and the Trustee Task Force presented their recommendations.
  90. Chris Waugh talked to the senators about the frequent theft of golf carts on campus.
  91. Bob Robinson talked about construction projects on campus and several senators gave updates about their committees.
  92. Several Senators gave updates about what their committees have done so far this semester.
  93. The Director of Campus Safety talked to the Senators about security at the Claremont Colleges.
  94. The Senate discussed the renovation of the Coop Store and the presence of cigarettes in the Coop Store.
  95. The Senate discussed the meeting between Pomona students and Board of Trustee members and continued thinking about the Coop Store renovation.
  96. The Senate discussed the possibility of expanding the Coop Store and thought about what role it should play in the future in terms of interaction with the Board of Trustees and with the fired workers.
  97. Senators presented updates about the plans and activities of their subcommittees.
  98. The Senators discussed the appropriate response to the document check controversy and passed and released a statement.
  99. Pomona President David Oxtoby gave a summary of the document check issue and answered senators' questions. Senate discussed what role ASPC should play in this situation.
  100. Various committee heads presented updates on their activities. Dean Feldblum discussed the proposed bike policy change. Will suggests adding Studio47 to the description of the Student Media Committee in the bylaws.
  101. Julie Journitz and Pat Flannery of Pomona ITS updated the Senate on their efforts to improve WiFi coverage in response to the article in The Student Life. The motion to put a summary of the Senate budget online is passed. Leslie and theory reported on Harwood Halloween, and Sarah reported on the Committee for Campus Climate and Diversity.
  102. Craig Artiaga-Johnson (Director of Annual Giving), Nancy Treser-Osgood (Alumni Relations Office), and Bob Robinson (Assistant Vice President, Facilities and Campus Services) updated the Senate on what their offices were doing. Drew passed around a proposed budget graphic for the website. Reggae Fest funding was approved.
  103. Pomona President David Oxtoby presented on the college's latest capital campaign, residence hall dedications, CDO changes, and answered questions about staff employment. Rishi reported on ideas generated in a meeting with Mary Raymond of the CDO. theory moved to rename CCLA to PEC, for Pomona Events Committee, which was approved.
  104. Senate discussed ways to address the administration's concerns about Harwood Halloween and alcohol culture at Pomona. President Nate Brown and Commissioner of Communications Will Mullaney led a discussion about the ASPC web presence, including transparency and a possible suggestion box.
  105. Mary Raymond, the new director of the Career Development Office presented her vision for improving the CDO. Aerienne, Elections Commissioner, reported on the election turnout. Several committee appointments were approved.
  106. Election tabling was arranged, many committee appointments were approved, and the repurposing of Walker Lounge was discussed.
  107. Dean Feldblum leads a conversation about security at Pomona. ASPC decides to bring a vote to the student body regarding gendered language in the Constitution. ASPC decides to limit the use of flyers in campaigns by students running for Senate.
  108. The Senate approved nominations to Study Abroad Committee, Curriculum Committee, Faculty Position Advisory Committee, and Academic Procedures committee. Changes to bylaws and elections code were discussed. ASPC officially announced the loan of $75,000 to the college for installation of a new LED lighting system in Bridges Auditorium.
  109. Dean Feldblum spoke to the Senate about the Student-Trustee retreat, revisions to gendered language in the ASPC's bylaws were discussed, and job appointments for Public Events Committee and Elections Commissioner were made.