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Associated Students of Pomona College

Senate Minutes for Feb. 20 2018

I. Call to Order Maria Vides calls the meeting to order at 4:30pm

II. Team Check-ins and Senate Email Checking/Sending

III. Group Announcements

IV. Approval of Minutes from 2/13/18 Jonelle moves to approve the minutes; Hans seconds 6 Approved | Opposed |3 Abstained

IV. Regularization of First-Generation Programs Coordinator Will be turned into a full time position.

V. Banner Taking and Judicial Process The Judicial Board only makes decisions on matters presented to them – they do not have power decide specific courses of action Letters of warnings will be issued to to students who took properly by student affairs and the president

VII. VP & Dean of Students Search Update. The search committee will consist of 9 members . The DOS opening will be a highly coveted position, so the committee application is very important App will be released tonight. Applicants will be notified by March 2nd.

IX. McKenna Barlow & Sean MacPherson Confirmation for Dev Team. Jonelle moves to approve Mckenna and Sean as new Dev Team members. 7 Approved | 0 Opposed | 1 Abstained.

X. OFO Bikes The bikes will be coming to campus for a trial period this week. Green Bikes Mechanics feel that Pomona Administration made the decision to implement this program without their input. Also feel that OFO contradicts the current bike culture on campus. Potential mediation may be to limit the number of OFO bikes to come on campus (or at least to Pomona).

XI. Senate Meetings: Searching for Alternatives Meetings may be changed again to Fridays, with the exception of 3 meetings which will be held on Tuesdays.

XII. Adjournment Maria adjourns the meeting at 6:00 p.m.