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Associated Students of Pomona College

Senate Minutes for Jan. 26 2018

I. Call to Order Maria Vides calls the meeting to order at 4:00pm.

II. Group Announcements Sophomore Re-Orientation on Feb. 3 Community task force is preparing an ally training event for Jan. 29.

III. Approval of Minutes from 12/7/17 Hans Zhou moves to approve minutes from ; someone seconds. 7 Approved |0 Opposed | 0 Abstained.

IV. Senate Spring Retreat & Lunch with Alumni Board Will work on plans for semester and review logistical/admin items.

IV. Bike Program OFO A bike sharing program started in China for commuting students. Has since deployed 10 million bikes in over 250 cities worldwide. There is an app, “OFO” in which users can locate and use any available bikes nearby Partnered with Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation and the JJ Barea Foundation. Pricing: different pricing options – by the hour, month, semester, year. Will partner with Pomona’s Green Bikes Committed to philanthropy and social equity Questions: How would this work with respect to Green Bikes? Greenbikes has loaned out all of their bikes. Some Greenbike users don’t use their bikes. This program is more suitable for more casual bike users, or those that don’t win the Greenbike lottery. This also allows Staff/Faculty to use bikes. How does OFO deal with thefts during someone’s use? The user is only responsible for theft during use; as soon as they park the bike, OFO is fully responsible. Bike is mechanically designed such that it’s highly theft-proof.

V. North Campus Rep & Future Senate Meetings Zemia is no longer living on-campus. We will need to bring on a new representative that lives on North Campus through an application.

VII. Dean Janet Smith Dickerson Has an extensive and diverse experience in working at a number of university campuses. What can ASPC do to support your transition to Pomona? By offering honest opinions, concerns, suggestions

XI. Adjournment / Closed Meeting Maria Vides adjournes the body at 5:10 p.m.