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Associated Students of Pomona College

Senate Minutes from February, 2018

  1. Call to Order; Team Check-ins; Group Announcements; Approval of Minutes from 2/20/18; New student delegate to SDSAC: Joseph Cho ‘21; Senate Meetings For Remainder of Semester; Dean Bilger; Conversation with Green Bikes Re: OFO Bikes; Student Representative to the DOS Search; Adjournment
  2. Group Announcements, Approval of minutes from 2/13/18, Regularization of First-Generation Programs Coordinator, Banner Taking and Judicial Process, VP & Dean of Students Search Update, McKenna Barlow & Sean MacPherson Confirmation for Dev Team, OFO Bikes, Senate Meetings: Searching for Alternatives, Adjournment
  3. Group Announcements, Approval of Minutes from 2/6/18, Senate Grants Program, ASPC Info/Promotional Video, Banner-Gate, Quarterly Check-Ins, Dean Feldblum Leaving & Brainstorming for ASPC Presentation to BOT, Adjournment
  4. Group Announcements, Approval of Minutes from 1/26/18, Senate Spring Retreat, New Clubs & Orgs Weekly Tips Publication, Milk and Honey Update, Update from Alumni Board Meeting, Confirmation of new PACD Member, Brady Huang '21, North Campus Rep Selection and Confirmation, EFC Updates, Adjournment.
  5. Group Announcements, Team Check-ins, Approval of Minutes from 2/2/18, Senate Check-Ins, Senate Spring Retreat + Lunch with Alumni Board, Senate Goal Tracker, Bike Program OFO, North Campus Rep + Future Senate Meetings, Developer Projects and Transition, Adjournment.