Associated Students of Pomona College

Software Development Group

Who we are

The ASPC Software Development Group is a subsidiary of ASPC's communications arm, and works closely with the Commissioner of Communications. Our goal is to use digital technology to provide useful services, tools, and information to the students of Pomona College and the 5C community. Specifically, we maintain the central ASPC server, create apps for the ASPC website, and provide web hosting for official ASPC clubs.

Why you should join us

  • We build things that we want to use, and that make a big difference in the lives of the 5,000+ Claremont students.
  • We do things the way "real" web developers do. Skills honed here will be useful to you whether you end up at a web startup or as a professor who wants to post their course materials online.
  • Flexible hours, and you can work from your dorm room :)

How you can apply

  1. Check out our code on GitHub and see if it strikes your fancy. Our main stack is Nginx, PostgreSQL, and Django (Python). We have some legacy code written in Ruby and PHP.
  2. Contact and tell us 1) why you're interested in joining us, and 2) about your experience with web technologies and programming in general.

Our team

  • Gloria Liou '18, Product Manager
  • Chris Gao '18, Lead Developer
  • Justin Lee '19, Developer
  • Sophie Richards '20, Developer
  • Brad Bain '20, Developer