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  1. [OPENING RECEPTION] Spring 2016 Exhibitions at the Pomona College Museum of Art (Cancelled)

    Host: Pomona College Museum of Art

    Location: Pomona College Museum of Art

  2. Welcome Back Quest Community Dinner

    Host: Pomona College QuestBridge Chapter

    Location: Frank Blue Room

  3. Tuesday Nights at the Hive: Make Your Valentine's Day Cards

    Host: The Hive at the Claremont Colleges

    Location: The Hive at the Claremont Colleges

  4. Ascension Manners

    Host: PEC (Pomona Events Committee)

    Location: SCC Social Room

Senate News

  1. Resolution:​Student­Alumni Engagement

    Author(s):​Anna Blachman ‘16, Lazaros Chalkias ‘16, Alice Timken ‘16, Sam Crawford ‘16,

    Aidan Orly ‘16, Stacey Abrams ‘16, Christina Tong ‘17, Jaya Jivika Rajani ‘17, Benjamin

    Higgs ‘18

    Passed by the Associated Students of Pomona College

    February 1, 2016

    WHEREAS our campus anchors a worldwide Pomona network, and students are the future of

    this Sagehen network; AND

    WHEREAS there is strong precedent for student involvement in setting the strategic

    directions of the College;

    WHEREAS the rate of alumni giving has declined, and alumni have limited options for

    supporting the College and students through avenues that receive institution­wide

    recognition and support; AND

    WHEREAS Pomona’s peer institutions prioritize access to their alumni community through

    student­oriented programming and an alumni database;

    WHEREAS Pomona faculty often independently undertake responsibility for maintaining

    accessible pathways for students and alumni to the best of their limited capacity; AND

    WHEREAS the Career Development Office provides intentional opportunities for

    student­alumni engagement in the context of career development despite inadequate access

    to key information regarding the current state of the greater Pomona community; AND

    WHEREAS the Pomona Advancement Division is taking new steps to re­engage the alumni

    constituency without actively engaging students in the development of programs most

    critical to younger alumni; AND

    WHEREAS the Alumni Association has identified reconnecting to the campus and standing

    closer to campus community, especially during times of distress, as top priorities of its

    members; AND

    WHEREAS Pomona College students are charged with responsibly representing the College

    to the world and should be trusted to use accessible alumni information respectfully and

    with discretion;

    [ ][ ] 1 2 AND

    [ ] 3 AND

    1 Examples include but are not limited to: Student Affairs Committee, Faculty Governance,

    Student Members of Trustee Committees, President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity

    (PACD), etc.

    2 Trustee­Student Task Force on Campus Community Communication (or Student­Trustee

    Communication) Final Report (February 2012).

    3 Colleges and Universities including but not limited to: Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore,

    Davidson, Smith, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton.

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) supports

    the Student­Alumni Engagement Initiative to create the institutional space required for long

    term, meaningful alumni­student engagement;

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the ASPC welcomes the incorporation of programming aimed at

    promoting student­alumni interaction during Alumni Weekend;

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the ASPC urges the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement to

    provide and prioritize opportunities for student engagement with the alumni office;

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the ASPC calls for the creation of a robust online, searchable

    alumni directory, available to all students, alumni, faculty, and staff;

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the ASPC charges the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement

    alongside the Career Development Office with expanding and institutionalizing Alumni and

    Parent involvement in Career Development and Lifelong Learning;

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the ASPC encourages Faculty, Student Affairs, and the

    Advancement Divisions to draw on their strengths and jointly work in good faith with all

    College constituencies to achieve these goals;

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the ASPC calls on the Advancement Division to join all other

    stakeholders in facilitating opportunities for students and alumni to develop long­lasting and

    substantial relationships.


    4 The Student­Alumni Engagement Initiative was created in October 2015 aiming to create

    accessible and transparent alumni networks and build community across all Sagehens. The

    board, lead by co­founders Anna Blachman ‘16 and Lazaros Chalkias ‘16, has been

    advocating for the strengthening of existing programing and development of the

    student­alumni engagement charge on campus. The Initiative envisions the College as a

    leader in facilitating opportunities for all Sagehens to develop long­lasting and substantial

    relationships and works toward that vision.

    Board Members: Stacey Abrams ‘16, Anna Blachman ‘16, Montez Brownlee ‘16, Lazaros

    Chalkias ‘16, Sam Crawford ‘16, Jamila Espinosa ‘16, Leo Estrada ‘16, Benjamin Higgs ‘18,

    Aidan Orly ‘16, Jaya Jivika Rajani ‘17, Sergio Rodriguez ‘16, Avi Sheldon ‘16, Alice Timken

    ‘16, Christina Tong ‘17

  2. Need advice on how to petition for late drop, late add, final date adjustment, double major, special major, or other exceptions to academic regulations? I'm here as a resource for you! I sit on some of the committees that view these petitions (APC, CC) and can give you advice on process and petition contents.

    You can reach me at

  3. Dear Pomona Community,

    We hear you, we see you, we feel with you. There is so much pain on campus right now, and we want to let you all know that you are not alone in this struggle. We do not claim to fully understand your pain, but we are here to try. We will struggle with you and fight so that all of our students can feel safe here. Your pain is our pain. We are all the Associated Students of Pomona College: there is no mold.

    To the people of color on this campus that are feeling isolated and unsupported, know that we, as ASPC Senate, as student allies, as students of color and students that exist at many intersections, we stand and move with you.

    To those of our community who have been affected by the recent attacks in Paris, France and Ankara, Turkey, you have our collective support. We are here to listen to you and support you.

    For any student hurting right now, it is okay to take the time you need to heal. Your well-being is a necessity and priority, above anything else. Recognize your boundaries. Self care is what breathes life into the work that we do. In the words of Audre Lorde, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence; it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare."

    To our community as a whole, please reach out to one another in this difficult time. Take a moment to let your friends and community members know you care about them. Even the smallest gesture can let a hurting friend know that they matter.

    We call on all of our community to take the time to show up for one another. We must come together to show support, to take a stand and to make every member of our community feel that they belong here. By being a student on this campus, you are a member of this community. Because of this, it is your duty to make this campus feel safe and inclusive for all students.

    We urge you to move beyond the political and understand that, at the simplest level, members of our community are hurting. How can we help one another heal? How will we? If there was ever a time to truly hear one another, learn from one another, grow with one another, it is now. It is far too easy to dismiss one another’s pain, to make symbolic gestures. It is our collective responsibility to move past our misunderstandings. We must put in the effort. We are powerful beyond facebook statuses, beyond words.

    Community, please let us know how we can fully support you. We are working to determine ways to better respond to the pain felt on campus, and we acknowledge that our efforts might not be enough. If you have ideas or suggestions, and if you are feeling ready and able to share, we would love to work with you. Please email For groups that have made and continue making healing spaces for our community, we want to support you by providing resources. If you would like financial or other support, please reach out.

    In love and solidarity, Your ASPC Senate

    Nico Matheo Kass, President Peter Hao Chen, Vice-President for Finance Sam Crawford, Vice-President for Campus Events Christina Tong, Commissioner for Academic Affairs Jennifer Okonkwo, Commissioner of Communications Lucia Ruan, Commissioner of Clubs Hannah Lea Doruelo, Commissioner of Campus Relations Aidan Orly, Commissioner of Environmental Affairs José Luis Goméz, Commissioner of Off Campus Relations Bianca Cockrell, Commissioner of Sports Jamila Ferreira Espinosa, Senior Class President Greta Zhong, Junior Class President Carlos Hernandez, Sophomore Class President Kerem Oktar, First Year Class President Fiker Bekele, North Campus Representative Chloe An, South Campus Representative Alberto Feregrino, At-Large Student on the Trustee Student Affairs Committee Cesar Meza, At-Large Student on the Trustee Academic Affairs Committee Lazaros Konstantinos Chalkias, At-Large Student on the Trustee Finance Committee Sophia Janssen, Senate Secretary Shivani Saru Doraiswami, Senate Aide Sophia Sun, Presidential Assistant Alice Timken, Public Relations

  4. Hey everyone! On the ASPC website, if you look under Services on the right hand sidebar, you'll see a new list item that says "API (For Developers)." The ASPC API is a convenient way for student developers to access features and data of the ASPC website over HTTP via a URL in a standard JSON format. If you ever wanted to create a mobile app that displayed the 5C Dining Halls Menu, using the ASPC Menu API would be the way to go. You could also schedule a task that downloads the menu from the Menu API endpoints every week and do all kinds of data analyses with it. Currently we only have endpoints for the 5C Dining Halls Menu, but in the future we are planning to expand to cover courses, events, housing data, etc. Looking forward to seeing its use in the upcoming 5C Hackathon!

  5. A Resolution to Include Student Representation on the Critical Thinking and Writing Committee

    Passed by the Associated Students of Pomona College Senate

    November 9th, 2015

    WHEREAS the Critical Thinking and Writing Committee (1) is responsible for certifying Writing Intensive (WI) Overlay Requirement courses, which were instituted by the GE reforms passed by the Pomona College Faculty in Spring 2015 ; AND

    WHEREAS it is imperative that students, who are key stakeholders and most directly impacted by curricular choices, are present in the setting and execution of curricular policies whenever (2)

    WHEREAS there is strong precedent for students to have input on all faculty committees that directly affect the curriculum or the implementation of General Education requirements (3) ; AND

    WHEREAS the Critical Thinking and Writing Committee is responsible for overseeing the Critical Inquiry (ID1) Program , which is the cornerstone of Pomona students’ introduction to a rigorous liberal arts education; AND

    WHEREAS the 2015 General Education (GE) Student Survey found that 73% of students “feel disappointed or neutral about their preparation for college writing via the current ID1 system,” and that “most advocate for a reformed ID1 system;” (4) AND

    WHEREAS the 2015 GE Alumni Survey found that dissatisfied students were “mostly critical of non-area requirements, notably ID1;” AND

    WHEREAS end-of-course student surveys in ID1 courses are an insufficient feedback source because students lack the perspective to evaluate if ID1 prepared them for future college writing, the surveys fall short of an ongoing, change-producing conversation between students and faculty, and feedback on individual ID1 courses does not provide student perspective on the ID1 Program as a whole or at a reform level; AND

    WHEREAS there is a need for sustained student engagement and feedback to improve the ID1 Program, but current student representation in academic affairs is on faculty committees that are unrelated or too high level to provide effective input to the ID1 Program; (5 and 6)

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) requests the inclusion of at least two student representatives, to be appointed by the ASPC Senate, on the Critical Thinking and Writing Committee;

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the ASPC calls on the Faculty Executive Committee to vote on the inclusion of the aforementioned student representatives (or, if necessary, to put forth this proposal for a faculty vote) during the 2015-16 Academic Year.

    (1) Alternatively referred to as The Committee on Critical Thinking and Writing (Pomona College Faculty Handbook 2014­15 pg. 19), the Critical


    (3) The Curriculum Committee includes 3 student representatives and oversees all curricular matters. The Analyzing Difference Committee, which was created by the Spring 2015 GE Reforms, includes 2 student representatives and oversees the implementation of the Analyzing Differences Writing and Thinking Committee (Online faculty resources,­program/faculty­resources/), and the Writing and Critical Thinking Committee (Pomona info page,

    (4) Pomona College Faculty Handbook 2014­15, pg. 19

    (5) Faculty Position Advisory Committee, Academic Procedures Committee, Board of Academic Discipline

    (6) Curriculum Committee technically has influence over ID1 since ID1 is part of the curriculum, but in reality the Curriculum Committee doesn’t concern itself with the ID1 Program’s policies.

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